Mike Ritchie film and video director
Fight Test CUT 0.4
2014 | 40 sec | short film teaser | shot using Freefly MōVI M10
2009 | colour/b&w | short film | 2 mins
Making Love
2010 | colour | experimental short | 5 min


I live in Leeds, England and direct films and videos for a living.

I take basic concepts and develop them into awesome films - either to promote something or tell a story. Somtimes both.

I spent most of 2011 living out of a backpack or a camper van and seeing the world. Since then I've bought a run down house and started rennovating it.

Check out my Director Portfolio on Vimeo to see more of my work. If you're short on time, I recommend the three films above.

Get in touch via email or Twitter. I've also recently started using Tumblr and Instagram too.